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Why I Love LegalZoom

April 9, 2012 by admin  

There are numerous reasons I love LegalZoom. Here are a few: First, my ideal estate planning clients do not use LegalZoom for their estate planning. The people who use LegalZoom would never go to a lawyer who is not dirt cheap. Unfortunately, experienced estate planners are not dirt cheap. Therefore, LegalZoom certainly is not costing me any business. Second, people who do their own estate planning, even with the help of some entity like LegalZoom, often don’t get their estate planning and... [Read more of this post]

Top Scams Against the Elderly

January 10, 2012 by admin  

Please take a moment and check out the short article in the link below. Awareness is the first step in stopping crimes against our elderly citizens. Crimes against the elderly are epidemic in our society. is a great resource! If you would like more information concerning how to protect your elderly loved one, or to avoid probate, contact Antelope Valley estate planning law firm Thompson | Von Tungeln (TVT) at 661-945-5868... [Read more of this post]

California Estate Planning Attorney Explains How To Manage A Virtual Life After Death

January 3, 2012 by admin  

Many individuals lead active, virtual lives. They are on gaming sites, social networking sites, have online financial capability, and are active on online auction site. What impact can these activities have on their estate plan? It depends on how familiar the executor and heirs are with the online activity. A typical consultation with an estate planning attorney will include an inventory of all of the physical assets of an individual for inclusion in his/her estate plan. Cash, financial instruments,... [Read more of this post]

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